Our full lighting rig is the biggest of any regional band we know of!

We currently have 36 PAR64 cans, most of which are loaded with 500W MFL (medium-flood) bulbs, though we have a few that are loaded with 500W NSP (narrow-spot) and 1000W MFL bulbs. These lights are the ones you will normally see hanging from trusses behind the band. Sadly, as much as we would LOVE to be able to use all 36 at once, their power requirements far outstrip the capabilities of even our biggest venues, so we usually stick to either 8 or 16 at a time.

We also have 10 PAR56 cans, each loaded with 300W MFL bulbs. These are our facial lights, most often on stands in front of our speaker stacks.

In addition, we have four American DJ Accu-Spot 250 II intelligent moving heads that provide great pin-spot and laser effects, and look awesome through haze and fog! We also sometimes use a pair of Altman Swing-9 molefay units - sometimes called "audience blinders" - that we use for a cool glowing backlight effect.

To get the lights to really come alive, we use a LeMaitre Radiance haze machine. This unit creates the hazy atmosphere that makes the lights look like beams (and really awesome :)

To round out the lighting, we also have an American DJ 750W strobe, and various other silly things like christmas lights to string on guitar cabinets, little multi-colored flashlights that strap onto fingertips, and more. We're always on the lookout for equipment to improve our already amazing light show.