Here's a quick rundown on our concert-grade PA system.

Our rig is a 3-way system consisting of two ElectroVoice MTH-2 cabinets loaded with 10" 90x90 degree horns for highs and mids, and two ElectroVoice MTL-2 sub cabinets for the low end, each loaded with two EVX180B 18" woofers. This system is capable of exquisite sonic clarity and will fill even the largest venues with no problem.

We use Yamaha 01V digital mixing boards, a Rane GE-60 EQ for front-of-house, and EV crossovers. We currently have a Peavey GPS-3500 amp powering the subs, a Peavey PV2600 for the mids, and a Peavey PV900 for the highs. We also use a Peavey CSX-800 4-channel amp for our custom-made monitors.

We use Shure SM58 microphones for vocals, and SM57 mics for the guitars. Bass is run via a direct input straight to the mixer. We use Sennheiser mics for the drums, and a Shure Beta 98 for the kick drum.