DP Percussion for the win!

While it is true that I own a couple of DW sets, the set you always see with me live is a custom designed and built DP Percussion kit. They are 100% maple shells with 6-ply on the toms and matching snare and 8-ply on the kick. The kit has been designed to fit on my Drum Frame V2 drum rack. The kick has no legs(spurs) since it hangs and is 20X22. The toms are a custom short depth to fit tighter into the confines of my tilted-back setup. 7X10, 7.5X12, and 14X16. The drums are a custom violet stain with a gloss genuine laquer (not polyester) clearcoat. The hardware is all powdercoated in Sahara Gold. The snare you usually see me play at shows is also a custom built DP Percussion single-ply steambent oak drum. (It's Tony's favorite) 6X14 with gloss black powdercoated hardware and a black DP motif around the drum. I regularly exchange it with a DP Percussion 15ply 5 X 14 birch snare that I love. Natural finish, gloss clearcoat and gloss black powdercoat.

My DW kits; A 6 piece Collectors Maple in Blue Diamond Finish Ply. 8X10, 10X12, 14X14, 16X14, 18X22, and 6.5X14

A 7 piece 30th Anniversary Timeless Timber kit made from reclaimed Lake Superior Birch. Sizes are 6X8, 8X10, 10X12, 12X14, 14X16, 18X22, 5.5X14. I mainly use these for studio work. (recording engineers love them)

I also have a Yamaha Beech Custom kit that I've owned for my entire professional life. These are great drums and are my only "Double Kick" set. They mainly stay at our rehearsal space, but come out to shows if I ever have a multi band show where I need a quicker setup. 8X10, 10X12, 12X14, 14X16, (2)16X22, 5.5X14

I have a few snares not mentioned above, including a custom Witt Percussion single ply, steambent maple in a 6X14/a Yamaha Anton Fig signature series maple with maple hoops/a DW Edge in a 5.5X14/a DW black brass collectors series 5.5X14/a DP Percussion 10ply maple in a 4X14/a Tama steel soprano 3.5X12

I primarily use Sabian HH cymbals, but I have a full set of AA's too that I intertwine based on my mood or project requirements. I have a set of Paiste dimensions cymbals (the original ones, not the current line) that I love, but mainly relegate to rehearsals. (the ride is HUGE and I can't fit it snuggly enough into my live setup) These sound great!

Then, I use my DW 5000 double pedal mostly, but have a 7000 double and an Iron Cobra Double that hang with some of my other kits. DW hardware with some Tama and Yamaha stuff on the other kits.

The keyboard that I play live behind my kit is a Korg Triton Classic. (didn't know that was there, did ya?)