John's Guitar Rig

My rig is totally stuck in the 80's!

My primary guitar is a 1992 Ibanez RBM-1 Voyager (the black one you see in most pictures of me :) with D'Addario XL115 (11-gauge) strings. I use Fender Heavy picks. Other guitars you might see me using are a Fender Squier Bullet and Darrin's red Charvel.

My guitar rack consists of an ADA-MP1 tube preamp (the first MIDI-controllable preamp ever made) which is the heart of the system. That feeds in to an ART SGX-2000 tube multi-effects unit, then on to a Peavey 260 solid-state power amp. I use a Mesa 4x12 slant cabinet (or sometimes 2 :) and a Shure PGX-1 wireless system. Everything is controlled by an ART X-15 MIDI Foot Controller.



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